Respect, tolerance and empathy

Class 9d had a very interesting discussion about why we should demonstrate peacefully...

Respect, tolerance and empathy: The importance of peaceful demonstrations

After the the murder of George Floyd, a 46-year-old Afro-American, protesters have demonstrated against racism worldwide. Some of these demonstrations, however, ended with violence and destruction. Class 9d and their English teacher had a very interesting discussion about these demonstrations and collected arguments why we should demonstrate peacefully.

So this is what the 9d has to say:

What is the message if you use violence?

  • violence show you do not have any arguments

  • this would mean a protest with violence against violence

  • violence is against human rights, it is not democratic

  • violence is never the right way

  • people would not want to demonstrate because they would be afraid

  • you can't control the situation

  • violence makes everything worse, you do not achieve anything

  • violence offers the chance to repeat this catastrophy

  • violence creates hate

  • stores which are looted can go bankrupt


What is the message if you remain peaceful?

  • a peaceful demonstration shows that you feel with the family

  • with a peaceful demonstration we show that we take the topic seriously

  • we show that we are morally educated, it is a sign of civilization, a symbol of respect, you appreciate life

  • we show that people care about each other

  • people believe you if you remain peaceful

  • the message is we don't want more trouble but equality and happy lives and nobdy should feel surpressed

  • you show that you are right, respectful, tolerant, you show empathy

  • with peaceful demonstrations we show that victims of racism have a voice

  • peace shows moral and charity